Australian owned and manufactured

Operating its headquarters in Brisbane, IF balance construction and quality craftmanship with its full project management services. On its 3000 sqm of space it delivers design, prototyping, mock ups and full-scale build all on site, allowing customers to view, edit, check and approve all before full scale installations on site commence. Controlling the end to end process is a big plus for all our customers. A secondary site is also located in Western Australia offering all the same services and convenient proximity for those stores.

A stress free approach to shop fitting

  • Safety & Compliance is non-negotiable

    Safety & Compliance is non-negotiable

    Health, Safety and Compliance is non-negotiable. As a business we pride ourselves on the standard of our work carried out each day by our teams. Interior Fitouts and its on-site teams have all the relevant accreditations and certifications (CFMEU, EBA) and are fully licensed across all states of Australia. Interior Fitouts will deliver your retail store safely with zero defects ensuring no delay to opening the doors for trade.

  • Our focus is your business

    Our focus is your business

    We are recognised for putting you and your customers first. There is more to shop fitting than cost. Our understanding of business and how it works provides assurances, confidence and certainty in the project and allows flexibility in the planning. In almost 30 years we have successfully delivered retail experiences across Australia and can share best practice with your business to ensure you get the right solution for your needs. We understand retail fitout and commercial application to business.

  • We have the right contacts

    We have the right contacts

    Our success is driven by our in depth understanding of the rules and regulations at multiple points across the industry and knowing who to speak to, to get things done. Interior Fitouts partners with their clients to help them deliver their project, operating in a way that connects not just with individuals but all stakeholders across the business and external stakeholders involved in the process including shopping centres, councils and tenancy managers. Using our broad network of contacts, Interior Fitouts can guarantee care and consistency in their approach. Knowing who you are dealing with from start to finish and beyond is a big win.

  • IF are one big happy family

    IF are one big happy family

    We have built our long-standing business on collaboration and mutual trust with our internal teams, contractors and customers. From our business to yours, we understand the importance of time and budget and always deliver to this promise. We pride ourselves on our personable while professional approach every step of the way.