Vita Group – Artisan Aesthetic Clinics

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Vita Group – Artisan Aesthetic Clinics

In 2018, Vita Group diversified from Telco into new markets with the launch of its skin health and wellness brand, Artisan Aesthetic Clinics. Targeting the premium end of the market, Artisan aimed to go beyond the experience currently on offer to clients by delivering high-quality, tailored treatments in a bespoke and medically led environment.  It was established to empower people to look and feel their confident best, and specialises in the latest aesthetic technology and techniques, from cosmetic injectables, laser and light-based therapies, to skin and body treatments.

Artisan believe real beauty is a form of artistry achieved by feeling truly confident. The clinics had to deliver a premium experience and tap into the artistry and values of the local community.  Each clinic’s brief was unique and required careful consideration as although the Artisan brand was consistent, the location of each clinic would dictate its bespoke design and features.

Interior Fitouts worked closely with Vita’s design team to bring the brand to life. The choice of materials was essential as each room had requirements in relation to specific treatments, client flow, and operational excellence. Every detail was critical, and a collection of bespoke finishes was hand-picked from around the world to perfectly suit each space and vision.

As with all our projects – timing was critical but our experience enabled each project to be successfully executed.

So far, 12 clinics have opened and we continue to work with the Vita team to create more of these carefully crafted experiences.



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