As hundreds of Australian Retailers shut their doors, the so called “retail bloodbath’ continues to hit the headlines.  It is now imperative that Retailers turn their attention to retail transformation and start searching for new solutions to attract and retain customers to their bricks and mortar stores.

To get started, a detailed review of store strategies is required, including roll out plans, continuing to invest in re-fits, reviewing de-fits and considering resizing and rebranding to stay relevant and competitive in the market.  Here is a collection of insights to support store roll out strategies to help increase efficiencies and effectiveness:


1) Share the bigger business strategy – not just the shop fitting component

The store is just part of your overall business strategy.  When an understanding of the bigger picture is clear, better outcomes are evident.  The best advice, recommendations and approach come from collaboration.

2) Businesses are busy and need support – partner for success and certainty

The retail world is busy – from meetings, emails and making sure targets are met, stress levels are high.  Therefore, when building stores, reassurance and a full-service model is greatly beneficial.   Working with a shop fitter who has an established reputation with shopping centres, trades and regulatory bodies will make your shop journey process far easier.  A full-service offering will have established relationships, a broad network of skills, project management and administration to remove barriers for the Retailers, allowing them to focus on the store launch. 

3) Cost is not a compromise on quality or experience – balance can be achieved

Cost is always a driver, but it doesn’t have to mean compromising on delivering the desired experience for your customers.  Shop fitting is a skill but to balance cost, quality and customer experience requires extensive knowledge of the construction industry, materials available and the manufacturing processes.  It is rare for all this to be under one roof.

4) Continually evolving and remaining competitive – regular updates and refreshes

Standing still is not an option.  To remain competitive in retail, a store must go beyond its product and continually evolve the experience.  Updates and subtle changes to a store can be achieved easily and at an acceptable investment to bring new life and keep the traffic of customers consistent.

5) Manufacturing each new store more efficiently – building one store at a time.

Where you start is not always where you finish.  Each store has to be lived in and experienced to make sure it works practically and is a success.  Overtime, as each new store is launched, economies of scale in the production of the fixtures and fittings starts to be seen and an efficient roll out model is formed which delivers value, quality and speed to market

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