We would like to take this as an opportunity to share to all retailers our continued support to work together through these challenging times. We understand that in some instances, difficult decisions are being made, to close stores temporarily, reduce store footprints, relocate or even permanent closure of its stores.

Interior Fitouts would like to advise all shopping centres and retailers that we have a fully operational team and broad network of trades to assist in whatever scenario you find yourselves. We have quickly implemented a set of practices and principles, in line with COVID-19 working regulations and aligned to each individual states requirements, to support retail businesses, keep people in jobs and provide certainty to our partners, customers and suppliers, all while ensuring our teams remain healthy and safe.

To provide you with confidence, we wanted to share with you how we are operating and how your business can be assured of partnering with us for whatever your current circumstance or project might be:-

Interior Fitouts Revised Operating Procedures
• Should any further outbreaks of COVID-19 occur in Queensland, the office teams have procedures in place to work split shifts if required. This allows for the two teams to be isolated from each other to practice social distancing requirements. Where required our office teams can also work from home.
• Our production factory also has procedures, if required, to operate a two-team split shift structure too, this ensures continuity of production and the volume outputs required.

Interior Fitouts Supplier Partnerships
• In close collaboration with our key production partners, we have ensured, if required, split shifts working processes can be implemented should further outbreaks occur.

  • Daily discussions with our long-standing suppliers assures us that delivery of materials and key goods can be made to sites and keep the jobs moving.

Interior Fitouts National Presence

• Interior Fitouts have long established a national presence and have residents in VIC, NSW, QLD , SA and WA. This has enabled us to work through the current challenges and work within the border control regulations.

Interior Fitouts Onsite Regulations
• All staff and contractors are fully briefed to align to correct working practices. We liaise daily and hourly, if required, to keep everyone safe and strictly follow health recommendations and practices
• Social distancing on all working sites through careful project planning including critical times and dates for site access to prevent multiple trades crossing over. Where needed, shifts are implemented.
• Comprehensive training to educate, communicate and implement on site rules and regulations for all contractors and employees for use of personal protective and respiratory equipment.

Rest assured Interior Fitouts are in regular contact with industry leaders about the developing situation and we will continue to update our practices where required in the following days, weeks and months to assure you we can continue to trade, supporting our country, economy and retailers in these unprecedented times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, queries or concerns.

Stay safe

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